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Discover how Scope is helping QuickBooks Online Advanced adding an Excel integration.

Scope started its first line of code on DataDear way back in 2015. Starting off as a bootstrapped business and growing organically over the years, today DataDear successfully empowers finance and business professionals in more than 30 countries around the world.

The team at DataDear was privileged to witness the birth of cloud accounting as we know it today and has been actively engaged in this evolving journey. We always believed that the inception of cloud accounting was an absolute revolution, the start of a significant paradigm shift!

We equally felt that it was never a battle between cloud accounting software and spreadsheets. At our very core, we always believed that there must be a way for cloud accounting software to harmoniously coexist with the spreadsheet. Creating automated data workflows, simplifying processes and facilitating reporting, became the core mission of DataDear.  DataDear is now synonymous with finance professionals who work smartly using a two-way integration between Microsoft Excel and cloud accounting software.

The philosophy behind the product was endorsed by various finance professionals over the years, which naturally attracted the interest of thought leaders in the cloud accounting space. Today, we are honoured to announce the technology acquisition of DataDear by cloud software global player, Intuit. Through Intuit’s QuickBooks platform, expertise and resources, DataDear will expand its core mission of empowering finance teams and professionals to work smarter and build better solutions.

We would like to thank our clients, team and partners for their continued support throughout this amazing journey.

For more information about what this means to customers, please read QuickBooks’ blog post.

Neville, Brian, Vincenzo & Sebastian