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We can help you find a cloud accountant in Malta using Xero or QuickBooks Online.

We train and support local accountants in using Xero and QuickBooks Online.

In addition to being a famous tourist destination, Malta is today also considered a hub in the corporate and financial sectors. Foreign investment in Malta carries several advantages such as tax refunds, participation exemption, full imputation of company taxation and a network of double-taxation treaties.  This model keeps attracting many individuals and companies to relocate their business to Malta.

So, how can the directors and business users access their business data, whilst sharing this information with a trusted accountant who is based in Malta?

Whether it involves setting you up with the right software solution or introducing you to a trusted accountant, we at Scope can help you directly in this venture!

Scope Cloud Tech PartnerThe solution itself depends on the needs of the business, but the core of the solution usually revolves around the accounting software.  We have a list of approved Xero partners and QuickBooks Online accountants in Malta who are trained and supported by Scope.  Watch out for the Scope Cloud Tech Partner badge!

Xero and QuickBooks introduced a revolution in the world of accounting by creating an online accounting platform which is designed to be concurrently used by both business users and accounting professionals. Read more about Cloud Accounting software.


Please contact us for further information sought on Xero, QuickBooks Online or to find accounting services in Malta.