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From Pitch to Impact: Scope’s Partnership with Sebħ on Changemakers

The collaborative effort paid off, as Sebħ not only reached the final of the competition but also secured a significant amount of funding for their campaign.

One of our guiding quotes here at Scope is from Mahatma Gandhi who once said, “The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.” These words continue to strike a chord with us, motivating us to actively seek out opportunities to give back to our communities and support causes that are close to our hearts. Whether it’s by lending a direct helping hand or utilising our expertise in business and technology to support worthy initiatives, we strive to make a positive impact in any way we can.

Last year, an exciting opportunity came our way when our co-founder Brian Ferris was invited to participate in an incredible TV programme called Changemakers. This show provided a platform to some of Malta’s most inspiring changemakers to pitch their initiatives in front of a panel of judges, all in pursuit of the chance to secure funding that would propel their causes forward.

Embracing the opportunity to be a mentor on the programme, Brian was tasked with providing invaluable advice and support to one of the contestants, aiding them in perfecting their pitch and increasing their chances of securing the crucial funding they needed. Brian was ultimately paired with Fondazzjoni Sebħ, a fantastic organisation that offers support services and residential shelters to children and female survivors of domestic violence.

“After our first meeting with Brian, it was apparent that we couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. From the start, he took the time to really understand not only our organisation and mission, but also who we were as a team. I believe this is what made all the difference in our success on the show, because his advice and tips played to our specific strengths,” explains Kerry Hermitage, Senior Manager at Fondazzjoni Sebħ.

With all the participants in the programme representing noble causes, it became evident that funding would be allocated to those who could effectively articulate their case to the judges. Brian took on the task of assisting the Sebħ team in perfecting their pitch for their nationwide campaign titled “Stand With Sebħ,” which aimed to encourage business owners and the general public to rise up against domestic violence. Drawing from his extensive experience in pitching to clients and businesses, Brian guided the team in crafting a concise yet impactful presentation that encapsulated the essence of their cause through a compelling story.

The collaborative effort paid off, as Sebħ not only reached the final of the competition but also secured a significant amount of funding for their campaign.

Fondazzjoni Sebħ

“Getting the chance to meet the incredible team at Sebħ and witnessing their unwavering determination to create a positive impact has been nothing short of amazing. Kerry and her team truly inspire me. Throughout the Changemakers programme, I saw their relentless dedication as they poured their hearts into perfecting their pitch. When they secured the funding, all of us at Scope were overjoyed. I feel incredibly grateful to have played a small part in supporting them on such a crucial mission,” Brian explains.

Following Changemakers, the partnership between Sebħ and Scope did not end there. After witnessing the amazing work carried out by the Sebħ team, we at Scope were inspired to continue supporting their cause. Recognising the challenges they faced due to limited resources, we stepped in to provide additional assistance in visual design and social media to ensure they had all the necessary support for a successful campaign launch.

“We were absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Sue Grech, who oversaw the artwork and design for our campaign. She understood the significance of having visually impactful elements that could encapsulate the message and tone of our cause. The banners, posters, and especially the badges were brilliant and created a powerful symbol that we could share with business owners, allowing them to proudly demonstrate their support. It was truly heart-warming to witness so many local businesses embrace the badge and use it in their outlets and on social media as a means to show their solidarity, spread our message, and help us reach as many people as possible. The entire team at Scope was so kind with their time, energy, and support. We can’t express how grateful we all are for their support. This wasn’t just a collaboration, but a true partnership.

The impact created by the “Stand With Sebħ” campaign was significant, but Kerry and her team emphasise that this is an ongoing reality for countless women and children in Malta, and the battle is far from over: “Unfortunately, the demand for the services and shelters we provide at Sebħ is a constant reality. Each day, we hear of more cases, more individuals coming forward to seek help. That’s precisely why funding and support are so crucial to our organisation. They enable us to extend our reach, ensuring that these vulnerable people know exactly where to turn in their time of need.”


To learn more about the invaluable services offered by Sebħ and to get involved in supporting their cause, we encourage you to reach out to them on 22470900 or by visiting their website at