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Cloud solutions to streamline your iGaming finance operations

Cloud solutions to streamline your iGaming finance operations

Whether you’re a start-up or an established player, we can help you transform all your accounting and control functions into efficient and data-ready solutions.

Operating a truly successful iGaming business in today’s highly competitive market is no mean feat. As one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world, iGaming operators must navigate a complex web of bookkeeping, payroll, and control function responsibilities to minimise risk and ensure the business is operating at peak efficiency.

To complicate matters, iGaming businesses typically operate across several jurisdictions, receiving payments, initiating payouts, and holding monies in different currencies. Their workforces are also usually spread across various countries, which in turn complicates approval workflows as well as spend control and regulatory compliance. This can quickly turn internal processes into an overly convoluted and time-consuming headache that is bound to gum up the works and hinder operators from achieving their full potential.

There is thankfully a simple answer to help any iGaming business overcome these hurdles. At Scope, we have been working closely with some of the world’s leading betting operators for over a decade. This has given us unprecedented access to their inner workings, allowing us to get to grips with the many common and idiosyncratic challenges that iGaming businesses face. This ensures our highly experienced team of cloud specialists can implement integrated cloud-based solutions capable of transforming betting operators’ internal processes for the better through automated workflows and streamlined financial controls.

The workflow challenges that iGaming & Affiliate businesses face

We recognise that each iGaming business faces its own set of challenges and hurdles. That said, over the years we have recognised several overarching challenges which continue to be a common cause for concern for most operators, challenges which in many cases are also quite unique to the industry.

Data and financial reconciliation continue to be a major challenge for many operators. With thousands of transactions taking place through an operator’s online and mobile platforms on any given day, it is essential that there is accurate financial tracking and reporting across all player deposits and withdrawals, which must also be carried over to the right accounts across different devices.

At Scope, we can help implement the right tools to establish accurate bank reconciliation and secure financial controls. Furthermore, our detailed data dashboards and tailor-made reports offer invaluable insight and reporting functions to suit any type of data your business will need handy. We also understand that consolidated reporting can sometimes be a time-consuming exercise. That’s why we’ve made sure that our reporting tools can help make group consolidations a breeze.

iGaming & Affiliates

Manual approval for documents and financial postings is another time-consuming task for many operators. We can help you streamline your approval workflow so that instead of sending countless emails back and forth, approval for documents becomes an automated and hassle-free process, which also eliminates paper in the process.

And with many iGaming operators employing larger teams that span the globe, staff expenses can become a highly complex task to keep track of personnel credit cards, expenses, claim backs, and so on. Here again Scope’s solutions can help capture all data neatly in one place to provide accurate and transparent reports that give a detailed picture of all staff expenses at any given time.

A one-stop shop to simplify your iGaming operation’s financial processes

We’re proud to be a true one-stop shop for iGaming and Affiliate businesses of all sizes and at any stage of their development. Whether you’re a start-up or an established player, we can help you transform all your accounting and control functions into efficient and data-ready solutions. That said, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter solutions. We know that each iGaming business comes with its own unique set-up, policies, strategies, and goals. That’s why we work closely with you to fully understand your internal processes so that we can tailor the right cloud solutions according to your specific requirements.

How do we achieve this? Our proof-of-concept approach enables our experts to understand your business and challenges through interactive business discovery sessions and identify best-fit candidate solutions sourced from leading solution providers available on the cloud marketplace. More importantly, our approach also ensures that you’ll be confident that the selected solutions are indeed the right fit for your needs.

We are the Scope team!Our specialised team comprises IT experts as well as qualified accountants who are accredited by leading international bodies. This enables us to bridge the semantic gap between the business and technology. It also ensures that we’re always speaking the same language as you. We also provide full implementation, training, and support along the way. What’s more, we are always mindful to plan ahead to deliver solutions that are scalable and sustainable.

All this combined enables us to provide you with integrated cloud solutions that will equip your organisation with the right systems to grow with your operations over time whilst empowering your business to unlock its full potential.

Get in touch with a Scope specialist to explore the best options to optimise your financial and workflow processes.